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Mom’s Basement – 1st Meeting

Mom’s Basement Meet(/Greet)-up Follow-up:


I arrived at 5 Star DVD early, anxiously awaiting destiny. The sun was beginning to wane, but it wouldn’t be for another few hours that the cool descent into the evening would relieve Tempy of the seasonal heat. And, by that time …the meeting would adjourn or end for good. I thirsted for beer, but I’d sooner die of Fairie Fire than miss what was to come. Eventually, mafwuckers began to trickle in.


Good conversation, classic arcade gaming, big bag workouts, kvetching, thoughts of the past, ideas for THE FUTURE!


We talked about:

MAFW server() and the services running on it (blogs, wiki, streaming audio server, web server, irc) – I will be drafting up some tutorials so that the server will be easier to take advantage of. *need to promote shit more …not my forte*

Table-top and Role-playing games() w/Brian Mackey on board to bring some and the beginning phases of deciding how one-off rpg events can be configured.

4theHood() some event ideas including, but more than what I’m including too …mom’s basement field trips to Cons and other events, Nerf wars and tower defense of 9th/Wilson!, robot and game programming (no joek), using the wiki to keep track of important documents and developments, mafwuckers main site… main site for static content: local businesses and specials/discounts/etc., upcoming hood events, links to the rest of the infrastructure.

Computer Games() still needs more research for MAFW Server-hosted, but since so many of us already have Steam we could at least be trading Steam usernames.

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 GRRRRRRREAT! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

…comment with whatever I forgot, responses, etc.

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