prescription vs proscription

baby dont leave me
whats the matter?
is there anything else bothering you?
give me a hint
let me guess it

I deserve a raise!

say it with me now.
I Deserve A Raise!
yes, excellent.

document every detail you have executed to deserve the raise.
examples include observable achievements that cannot be disputed.
Did you save the company money?
make sure youv’e printed out that glossy 8 x 11
confirming such a claim and it’s in their bosses hands.
ask for more than you deserve
(practice in a mirror, at the top of a hill, to your gf/bf, dog, cat, rat)

If you give well documented reasons why you are valuable to the company
you may just succeed.

Cheap Psychological Tricks

explore more possibilities

explore more possibilities


start your own company


you can open your own doors

Incoming Transmissions

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